Country Information of Moldova

Country Information of Moldova

Country Information of Moldova. Some general information about Moldova. The Republic of Moldova is one of Europe's smaller countries with an area of 33,843 square kilometers and a population of 3.6 million. Economic centers are the capital Chisinau (814,000 inhabitants) and Balti (151,000 inhabitants).

Republic of Moldova

Calling code Time Zone Currency Electricity
+373 GMT+2 Moldovan Leu (MLD) 220V, 50Hz

The area:
33.8 thousand km2. Moldova’s territory is 350 km long from North to South and 150 km from West to East.

Business languages:
Romanian, Russian, English, French.

Capital city:
Chisinau. Largest cities Balti, Soroca, Orhei, Cahul, Tiraspol.

Moldova is a member of the United Nations Organization, European Council, Partnership for Peace, WTO, OSCE, GUAM, CIS, BSEC and other international organizations. Republic of Moldova aspires to join the European.

Form of state government:
Republic of Moldova is a parliamentary republic with a president as head of the state and a prime minister as head of the government.

Main airport – Chisinau International Airport. International airport code KIV.

Age structure:
2016: 0-14 years: 18.03%; 15-24 years: 12.87%; 25-54 years: 43.55%; 55-64 years: 13.36%; 65 and over: 12.19%.

Member of international economic mergers and agreements:
EBRD, World Bank, IMF, WTO, CEFTA, CIS, Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC), Central European Initiative (CEI). The EU-Republic of Moldova Association Agreement was signed on 27.6.14 and has been provisionally applied since 1.9.14.