Immigration Investor SWOT Analysis for Moldova

Immigration Investor SWOT Analysis for
Moldovan Citizenship

Immigration Investor SWOT Analysis for Moldovan Citizenship by GCI - Global Citizenship Investment. As an illustration for our investors, we have prepared a SWOT analysis for the country Moldova.


  • EU association with DCFTA Free Trade Agreement (since 2014)
  • Low operating and labor costs
  • Low tax rates (corporate tax 12%, in free zones 6%, in free ports 3%)
  • Investment incentives for free economic zones
  • Geographical proximity to EU and CIS and the Black Sea markets


  • De facto Regimes in Transnistria and Gagauzia Autonomous Region
  • Slow structural reforms
  • Inadequate vocational and training system
  • Low employment rate and large informal sector
  • Inadequate transport and telecommunications infrastructure


  • Projects of institutional backer and creditor
  • Cross-border activities with Romania
  • Free economic zones and direct investment
  • Diversification of the energy market
  • Modernization of agriculture


  • Domestic turmoil and polarization
  • Corruption Perceptions Index 2016 ranked 123rd by Transparency International
  • Demography and foreign migration
  • Regional / geopolitical development around Ukraine
  • Dissatisfaction of the population