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Moldovan Investment Options

Citizenship Investment Options: Donation or Real Estate?

Moldovan Citizenship Investment Options: Donation or Real Estate? Of course, every investor always has their very own and individual investment strategy. But let's start this comparison with a small historical analysis of real estate compared to other asset classes.

In the past five years, real estate in Europe had the highest return on investment, with a total return of 7.9% per annum, followed by bonds (MSCI SDI) at 5.4% and equities (MSCI Europe) at 0.7%. Over a period of ten years, the picture shifts in favor of the stock with a return of 9.7 percent per year, or 7.7 percent each for real estate and bonds. The risk of the investment, measured by the annual volatility, differed considerably between the asset classes. Real estate was 3.9 percent compared to 5.6 percent for bonds and 21.8 percent for equities. Due to these figures and the low correlations with other asset classes, real estate is an important part of a portfolio.

The conclusion of this consideration is thus not clear to clarify. Depending on which destination you buy Moldovan citizenship, you will also have to make your investment decision. If you only want the citizenship and the second pass as such, Donation will be your choice, or you want to invest and achieve returns than real estate investments or government bonds will be your choice. But no matter how you decide, the Moldovan citizenship program offers you all these possibilities.

Since 01.01.2019 there have been changes in the Moldova Citizenship Program concerning the investment opportunities for the acquisition of Moldovan citizens. There is now only the investment opportunity of donation.