Requirements for Moldovan citizenship program

Requirements and necessary documents for Moldova citizenship

Requirements and necessary documents to apply for Moldovan Citizenship. In addition to the documents we have listed on the application process page, further documents are required to obtain Moldovan citizenship. A complete list of these documents is listed here for you.

Necessary documents for citizenship application

  • Power of Attorney (All applicants aged 18+)
  • Submission Letter of accredited agent.
  • Photographs (All applicants)
  • M1 – Application Information Form. (Main Applicant)
  • Proof of source of funds. (Main Applicant)
  • M2 – Personal Information Form. (All applicants)
  • M3 – Financial Information Form. (Main Applicant, spouse, dependent parents)
  • M4 – Medical Information Form. (All applicants)
  • M5 – Fingerprint Form. (All applicants)
  • Certified birth certificates. (All applicants)
  • Certified copy of full passports. (All applicants)
  • Certified copy of national identity cards. (All applicants)
  • Certified adoption records. (All applicants (if applicable))
  • Certified name changes. (All applicants (if applicable))
  • Certified marriage certificates. (All applicants (if applicable))
  • Certified divorce certificates. (All applicants (if applicable))
  • Military Records. (All applicants (if applicable))
  • Evidence of residential address. (Main Applicant)
  • Police clearance certificate. (All applicants aged 16 years and older)
  • Affidavit of application for children aged between 14 and 17 years. (All applicants aged between 14 (fourteen) and 17 (seventeen) years)
  • Affidavit of support for dependent parents and children (18+). (Main Applicant (if applicable)
  • Affidavit of consent from non-applicant spouse regarding minor dependents. (Ex-spouse, non-applicant spouse (if applicable))
  • Birth Certificates of Children and Marriage/ Divorce Certificate (for single applicants). (All applicants (if applicable)
  • Benefactor supporting documents. (if applicable)

Translation of documents
Any document that is not in the English language (including certifications or stamps) must be accompanied by an official translation into English. Translations must be prepared by a professional translator (officially accredited by a court of law), a government agency, an international organisation, or another similar official institution. If the translation is prepared in a country where there are no officially accredited translators, the translation must be prepared by a company whose sole or main business is doing professional translations. The translation must be signed by at least one authorised signatory of the translating company. Note that the translator should include in a clear and legible format, the date, their full name, capacity in which they are acting, residential or business address, telephone number, and email address/website. In case of Translating Agencies, letter-headed paper should be used.

Important note:

  • Public Documents (Birth Certificate, Adoption Records, Marriage Certificate, Divorce Certificate, Name Change Documentation), and
  • Affidavit of application for children aged between 14 and 17 years, and
  • Police Clearance Certificate, and
  • Power of Attorney.

Such documents should be accompanied by certified translations into English and Romanian. We recommend the Romanian translation be prepared and certified by a notary in the Republic of Moldova using an agency approved for the purpose of translation by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Moldova. We as your Accredited Agent will arrange this. Note: translation is not required for the passport(s) and ID card(s).